Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hank and the Coffee Pot from Finding Dory

As I have said before I like to sketch out my cookies if it is a bit complicated. So I traced around the wedding dress cookie cutter, drew what I wanted to add as his tentacles and found different little cutters to make it work. The coffee pot is an engagement ring cutter but you can see what I used in my pictures.
I cut out the dress ( I put these onto parchment paper on my cookie sheet to build them.
Then I used a small egg to cut out the round part of the tentacle.
The other side I used a small ghost cutter then...
Cut out a section with a tiny heart and used that half of a heart to make one of his ear things on the side of his head.
Used a small umbrella handle to cut out the tip of the tentacle.
Used a small heart to cut the shape for the back of his head
Here are all the cutters and how he looked unbaked.
For the coffee pot I cut the ring out.
Then I trimmed it off with the ghost cutter for the spout.
I used this spider cutter for the handle.
Ultimately I changed this. But I did think I wanted the spout thicker so I cut a piece with the egg cutter to add in to the spout but when I looked at it I didn't like it so I ended up taking it out.
It is in in this picture but not in the finished cookie.
The second Hank I used mostly the same cutters plus the tiny onsie. I just didn't take progression photos...sorry.
For the coffee pot and Dory I piped on white flood icing and put the Dory candy on while it was very wet.
Let that set for about 15 minutes then piped on, in a bit thicker black, the handle. Let that dry some. While that was drying I used a fine paintbrush and put some colored icing on Dory to make her look more real. Yellow, black and a white dot for her eye.
Piped in the top and bottom of the spout.
When the pot was completely dry I used a fine paintbrush and some white gel color and painted on the highlights.
Used another paintbrush to make the water and used a black food color pen to dot her eye. Was extremely happy with the outcome.
On to Hank. I will say here that should I do it again I would ice a bit different. But I did the sections then changed my mind so that is why it looks a bit messy. If I did it over I would ice the whole cookie orange, let it dry some then spray the red onto it then add the details but...this is what I did...
Iced the back sections
Kind of changed my mind and iced the whole thing minus that one part. You can see the lines.
Sprayed it with red color mist then
Piped on some darker orange eyebrows.
Piped on some white for the eyes.
Piped on the ivory beige on for the underside of the tentacles.
Then piped on the orange for the tops of them and did a little outline in the darker orange because the definition wasn't what I wanted.
Piped on his under eye bags and "nose". Piped on little circles of the beige for the suckers on his tentacles. 
Painted the blue part of the eye and used a tiny bit of white to make it more lifelike. Then painted in the black and put a white highlight in. Pretty happy with how they both turned out.
So here is the set and when the movie comes out on DVD I will dig them out of the freezer and share them with Poppy! 

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