Saturday, March 28, 2015

Roscoe's 2nd Firefighter Birthday

My friend, Piper, asked me to make cookies for her son's 2nd birthday. His dad is a fireman and Roscoe just loves all things related to what his dad does so we decided on firetrucks. WELL I thought maybe it would be fun to include other things related to fire fighting. Here is the end result.
(I do look at other cookies on Pinterest to get ideas but also sketch out my own so I try to give credit for an idea but when I have looked at so many I can't remember where the idea came from and lots are in my head so all that to say there are a lot of great cookies out there and I look at them and get ideas)
Here is my sketch book and I use lined because it is easier to get a size and dimension. Graph works but doesn't come in book forrm usually so...I digress.
These were so simple and fun and yet they look so complicated. That's the best kind!
Actually in this set the "2" is my favorite. The fire just looks so real and the burning board really worked out well. My fire hydrants aren't my favorite but sometimes you just have to say "It's a cookie, someone will be eating it." and let it go.
I had found this hydrant planter on sale at Hobby Lobby so I created a styrofoam top for it and put the cookies in an arrangement on it. I am pleased.

So Happy Birthday, little man, I am glad you like my cookies better than cake! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Thank You Cookies

My friend, Robin, took care of our animals while we were in Chicago. It was snowy, very snowy, and bitter cold! Bless her for coming over each day! So I made her some thank you cookies. 
Chocolate chip sugar cookies, a bottle of "milk" and a carton of "eggs". 

Happy Baking,