Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Home Cookies

My friend, Lindsey, asked me to make her some cookies to give to her sister and brother-in-law on the occasion of moving in to their new home. 
I cut out some rectangles then used a tiny square cutter to cut out the windows. I made a small amount of hard candy to pour into the openings.
I outlined the window openings in grey then did the entire door in white with grey rectangles on the wet icing. After they dried a bit I went over the squares and rectangles with white to look like trim and put a grey doorknob plate and gold bead for the doorknob. I set them aside to dry.
After they dried a bit more I piped on a "grapevine" wreath and red ribbon. 
For the HOME letters I piped grey to be my morter. Then when it was dry I piped in red flood icing to make my bricks.

These I did the letter the same as HOME but then filled in the background in a beige and when that was dry I piped on a grapevine wreath heart.
The keys and key tags were just frosted and when dry the details were put on. I had put the holes in before baking so I could attach them to each other. 
I just used a ribbon on this one and twine on the other ones.
I will arrange them in a basket lined with foam to make an arrangement.
And the finished bouquet.
You can't really see all the words from the picture but you can when you see it in person. I'm really happy with it.

Cream Puffs

The other day it was cold and I was siezed by a fit of baking so I decided to try cream puffs. They were so simple and turned out perfect. I can't believe I have never tried them. 

Happy Baking,