Monday, December 14, 2015

The Ghost And Mr. Chicken Movie Party

This was clear back in October! I am so behind!
Homemade "Oreos"

I wanted to try painting on a cookie. So I looked up the movie poster from the movie and used a part of it.
I drew on the cookie with a grey food marker. Just the outlines I needed.
Then starting with the lightest color I began to paint on the thinned royal icing.
As you can see I got so involved in my project I forgot to take photos of my progress. oops.
I used a white food grade non toxic pen to do the highlights.
Then with my food markers I drew on the words that were on the poster.
I made some word bubbles with quotes from the movie. It was a fun time with our kids.

Baby Announcement Cookies

On August 19 Bobbi and Travis told us we were going to be grandparents. I can't even put into words what I feel, but I will say amazed and thrilled come to mind. I made these cookies for her to announce it at work. She is now 21 weeks along and the trim on the onsie could be pink!

Monday, October 19, 2015

First Anniversary and Football cookies

Jayme and Trey have their 1st anniversary today. So I made them some cookies.
And a friend sent a special gift so I made them some cookies to thank them.
I hope they make it there in one piece! 

Cauldrons and Skulls

I messed up this guys eye shape so...eye patch! 
These were already packaged to give to a friend and I realized I hadn't taken a picture of them. I like the black with the floral. 
I cut cake boards into smaller pieces so that the cookie is supported when it is packaged up. Less chance of breaking that way. 

Charlie Brown Halloween Treats

Honestly I just wanted to make some cookies for the fun of it so I spent Saturday doing these.

I thought these last two weren't that great then I took a food marker to them and they turned out just fine.

To make the shapes I combined some Peanuts cookie cutters with my cauldron and pumpkin cookie cutters and then just put Snoopy in the potion bottle.

Cookies for a Cause - Wonderfully Made

A family friend started a wonderful organization called "Wonderfully Made" Today she is having her first fundraiser. I offered to make her some cookies with her logo on them to use as a give away. 150 of them.
This was my first time ever dipping to coat a cookie and it worked so great and was so fast!
All drying and ready for the logo. I cut a stencil of the logo and drew it on the cookies with a food marker after they were dry.
All done and ready for packaging. 
Wonderfully Made gives handicapped children and teens a chance to experience activities and events that they otherwise may have been left out of. It also gives others a chance to meet and love these special and Wonderfully Made gifts from God. Check out their website at for more information. 

Icing My Crazy...

Mini Fall themed cupcakes when you find out 50 people are coming for supper...I wrote this poem to go with that:

"Run and make some cupcakes, girl.
Cover them with buttercream swirl.
My Mama didn't raise me lazy. 
So I fixed my makeup and put icing on my crazy."

Party Treats for a Fall Festival

Frankenstein Cookies with fall colored hair

Pumpkin Pumpkin Sugar cookies

Rice Krispy Treat Candy Corns
Shape them and dip the bottom in yellow candy coating. Let it harden.
Then dip the top up to the yellow in orange candy coating and put the eyes on while it is wet. Let that harden.
Pipe on a smile with black candy coating. Let it harden.
Dip the point in bright white candy coating and let it harden. Then package in individual bags.
Grasshopper cookies...soooo good.
S'mores chocolate cake cupcakes.
Tiny Apple Pies
The whole dessert bar.

Leftover cookie dough

Sometimes with the leftover dough I just make "French Fry Cookies and Icing Ketchup"

Cookies for a Girls Night Cookie Class September 21, 2015

Alicia planned it all and her company is called Wax Buffalo so I made cookies to represent her sweet candle company. Fall Wax Buffalo.
It is rare for me to make cookies and not ice them but the girls needed something to learn how to decorate. I made some treats to eat.
Tiny cakes and caramel apples

All ready for class.
And an apron for each of them.
It was a lot of fun.

Happy Baking,