Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1st Anniversary Cake

Bobbi and Travis will celebrate 1 year of marriage on August 17. Last night we had a family get together and I decided to make them a cake and celebrate a week early.
I chose to decorate it with things they have done and gone through this past year.
1: They destructed their entire basement with the help of Bryan (Superman)
2: They remodeled it again with Bryan's help. 
3: While doing that they decided to gut, as much as possible, the breezeway that is a dining area. 
4: Painted and finished the basement and dining area.
5. Refinished the kitchen cabinets.
6: Painted the bathroom.
7. Got new carpet in the basement.
8: Immediately got flooded in the basement and had to tear out the carpet pad and replace it.
9: The flooding resulted in tearing out the deck and doing major dirt repairs to the backyard.
10: Cut down a tree.
11: Painted in the kitchen area.
12: Rearranged all the bedrooms and got a new bed.
13: Replaced the door to the back yard.
All while each working about 10 -12 hours a day. They amaze me.
I am sure there are more things I don't even know about. And Superman rated a place on the cake because they admit and it is true none of this would have gotten done without his hard work every Monday for all winter. 
Through all of this, which most poeple don't take on in a lifetime, let alone their first year of marriage, they have laughed, cried, stayed friends and come out on the other side still married and happy. I salute them! 
They hope to put in a patio so I have them as Wolverine and Wonder Woman standing on that.
It was such a fun cake to create and a fun couple to create it for.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pool Party Cookies

In reality it is Pool celebration cookies. For 15 years I have wished we could put a pool on our property. Just an above ground one, nothing too complicated. This Monday that wish is coming true! We are putting in a pool. I am so excited! The girls, Travis and Poppy are coming out for supper and my sister will be here on her way back to North Carolina. So I made some cookies to celebrate.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Real Madrid Jersey Cake

Trey turns 23 this Wednesday and LOVES Real Madrid. So I made him a jersey cake.
First I printed out pictures of the Real Madrid logo, the Adidas logo and the Fly Emirates logo. Then using fondant I made the shape of the Real Madrid logo and let it dry for a bit. I did run a stitching wheel around the outside so it would look stitched on. 
 In the meantime I cut out the Adidas logo. I used my FMM Sugarcraft Block letters and trimmed them to look like the adidas writing.
Next I baked a white 9x13 cake and let it cool. While that was cooling I made a placket with buttons.
and cut around paper cut outs of the "Fly Emirates" logo for the shirt.
That was definately the most intricate cutting but I did use an Exacto knife and it worked great. 
I trimmed out a collar area on the cake. Forgot to take a picture...made a collar out of white fondant and draped it over that area so it could dry a bit to shape. 

When the Real Madrid logo was dry enough I used my Rainbowdust food color markers and colored in the logo. Mostly I just looked at the picture and freehanded it.
Then I made white buttercream icing and added white food color to it to brighten the white. Iced the cake, smoothed it with a viva towel and began placing my pieces.
I started with the color and placket
Then the Real Madrid logo
The adidas loge was next. I used a tweezers to place the pieces of this and the next one.
At this point I thought I was done...
Looked online to make sure I had it right and realized there are three stripes on the shoulders. So I cut three stripes for each shoulder and placed them on the upper edge of the cake.
Again, thought I was done...
Decided to make a tag for the collar.
Used my FMM Sugarcraft letters to cut out Trey's name and gently rolled it into some white fondant then put stitching to look like it is sewn into the shirt.
So now it feels done...
But then this morning I decided it needed a price tag. 
This is why I should just deliver them!! I will never be done. 
I am done now. And very pleased with the outcome. 

Happy Baking,