Monday, August 1, 2016

Cars, Trucks, Tires and Two

A friend of Bobbi's asked me to make some cookies for her son's 2nd birthday. Anything to do with cars! 
I found this amazing vintage typing table at a flea market (2 actually) and the guy said "you can have both of those for $5!" How could I not buy them!! They are the perfect height for decorating cookies. So I can move them wherever I want to go and hang out with Bryan and decorate cookies! 
I thought the 2 just needed to be a road and then I found this tiny little car stencil and thought it needed to be on a few of them.
Bright colors and actually the only vehicle cutters I have are a Volkswagon and a truck...sadly lacking in the boy cutter department. Well, I guess I have a firetruck and and airplane but moving on...
This is actually a truck cutter that has a Christmas tree in the back but I trimmed that off when I cut them out. And when I look at these I see all the things I could do differently but I was going for a coloring book type look so...whatever! People will still eat them! 
Like I said I see so much I wish I would have done differently and learn. I didn't sketch this set out first and I usually do that. Note to self sketch the set out!! Haha but I love the colors and am satisfied with the outcome.

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