Wednesday, December 31, 2014

️️️️Dr. Who and 30th birthdays

My oldest, the child who made me a mother, turned 30 the other day. She's an amazing woman. She loves Dr. Who. So for her party I created these. 

Christmas Trees and saying goodbye

After Bryan's mom passed away in August, it was left to us to clear out her house. In the process of clearing out a very high cupboard in the kitchen I came across an old metal Christmas Tree cookie cutter. I told myself I would make those at Christmas. (which seemed so far away at the time) Now it has come and gone but I did get the cookies made and remembered the sweet lady who's cookie cutter it had been. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Gingerbread House time of year

I had the urge to make a gingerbread house. So I decided to make one for Bobbi and the ladies at the salon.
I have the Wilton Gingerbread house cookie cutter set. But then I took small square and rectangle ones and cut out the door and windows. Then I baked the pieces, decorated them to look like stone and decided that I wanted windows. So I make some lollypop candy with no color (it turns a bit yellow in cooking) and very carefully poured that into the open spaces. I had parchment paper underneath to keep it from sticking to the tray. I let the pieces dry.
I put the pieces together, let them dry a bit then put the roof on and put icing all over the board I put the house on. Added some paving stones to the front and before I put it on, I "painted" the door with red icing and made it look like wood. I used Golden Grahams cereal for the roof. 
The house was set back like that because I thought I would make a little skating rink by it but didn't like it so then I had space to fill up so I made some gingerbread logs, 
a gingerbread mailbox,
a gingerbread basket of tiny gingerbread men and holly,
a gingerbread and royal icing sled, the Plush Flyer, 
a little gingerbread dog house with a stick and a big gingerbread tree.
Then because there is a gap between the wall and the roof on the side I fed some tiny red led lights into the inside of the house and viola! 
The light shines through the candy windows. 

Happy Baking,