Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Gossie and Gertie Cookies

I can't believe I never put these up on here! Good grief! I had found a kids book and the pictures were so cute that I just wanted to make them into cookies. So before Easter I made this set then used them at everyone's place for a little decoration. 
After the white had dried overnight I took a grey food pen and drew on the characters using my Camera Lucida app on my iPad. It projects the image onto the cookie in a sense. It takes some getting used to but I love it.
Then I used a #0 tip and put the white on white shapes onto the cookies letting them dry where I wanted a line or division on the image.
Let those dry completely then water colored with gel food colors on the raised image. I LOVE how these turned out! It was almost hard to eat these.

My set up for painting. I love to paint and decorate cookies so this filled both those loves!
The cookies with the book. 

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