Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cookies for Kids -

Bobbi has just begun helping out on Thursday nights at the People's City Mission. 
They provide a Bible Class for the children of the residents there. 
This coming Thursday they are having a tailgate party for the kids and their parents. 
{The first Husker game of the season is this coming Saturday}
She asked me today if I would be willing to make some cookies for the party.
The message in church today was on using our talents for God. I would have said yes to her anyway but that was just a little extra nudge that I should do this.
So 99 {I just couldn't squeeze 100 out of 2 batches} Nebraska Red and White cookies are ready and waiting for those little kids to enjoy.

I needed to do something simple so I could get them done in the time I had. 
But they will taste awesome. 

Another find in the files -

I had completely forgotten that these were some of my first adventures in cookies this year. 
 Did these clear back in March. They were fun to do.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mickey and the Peacock Feathers -

 Only had to do 8 of the Mickeys and a three for Mr. Declan.
Did 20 of the feathers and one three for little Miss Finley.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Of course they land on the same day...

Last week I had two young moms email me and ask if I would make cookies for their 3 year old's birthday party. I said yes to both {without asking dates or quantity} I will learn someday but I wanted to do both of these. Actually it turned out fine. 8 cookies for one and 20 for the other. BUT {and here is where I needed to look at my calendar} I also that same week have a dinner at church that I have to decorate a table for and I had no idea what to do until Bobbi asked me if I have ever played "Words With Friends" {which is basically Scrabble on your phone} and I got an idea. The decorations can be anything so I thought well I want to use cookies and if I use a game theme I can make Scrabble tile cookies for everyone and they can play "Words With Friends" at the table. I have all sorts of ideas now on how to decorate. I will be sure and take pictures.
So yesterday I made the tiles and got the 'wood' color on them so I could put them in the freezer. Also made the Mickey's and the Peacock feathers {yes, Finley wants a Peacock birthday}. So all that is in the freezer and waiting to be decorated Tuesday the 23. 
Letter tiles.
 Had to use two sizes of round cutter to create Mickey but it worked just fine.
Had to make a feather cutter. 
Fortunately I had just gotten my cookie cutter metal in the mail.

There will for sure be pictures when I decorate all these.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Danica's Wedding -

Rachel sent me this. Thanks, Rachel! It looks amazing!
I don't want to leave anyone out but I believe my brother, Jay built the tower.
Probably my sisters and nieces and sisters-in-law and everyone else there helped decorate!
My niece, Erin sent me these.
 Maddy, Rachel, Kyra, Raye, Betha and the Bride - Danica.

while searching for a picture...

I found this picture and thought I would post it here. This was way back in April. Jayme wanted that cake for her birthday but didn't want to have a party so I just made her a huge cookie and decorated it like the cake.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kids and cookies -

Just a little video of the kids decorating the cookies we made out here today.
They do a good job. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I even make myself say "Awww"
I found three copper "animal cracker" cookie cutters at TJMaxx one day.
I finally used them. Decided to make them look like Keebler Frosted Animal cookies. The girls used to love those things. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tools -

My friend, Kathy, called me and said she had a present for me and could I stop by and pick it up on my way home. I did and it was these amazing tool shaped cookie cutters.
 So of course I had to make a batch of dough tonight and play with them.

 They were cute even unfrosted. I took a little round one and made some screws to complete the set.
Finished product. 

Happy Baking,