Monday, October 6, 2014

Air brush cookies

A  couple years ago Bryan gave me a very nice airbrush for Christmas. I admit I was scared of that thing. It just sat in my office and intimidated me. Until the other day when I was using a spray can of food color to spray color onto a practice cake to see how it would look (You will see that later, closer to the wedding) I ran out of the spray can color and we live 20 miles from the store so I had to quit. Then I remembered the air brush and that I had some airbrush food colors. Now, be at ease, I have never used the air brush for anything so it is ok to use for food. So I took a deep breath and plugged it in, filled the paint cup with gold food color and started to spray. OH MY WORD!! It  was so easy and fun. I don't think it will replace my decorating the usual way but it adds another dimension.
Today I was messing with it and while I am not confident enough with it to decorate cookies for any special thing I did have a fun time making these and trying things with it.
Mainly I need to practice control and patience! 
I decorated some cupcakes that I had extra and made them look like mummies.
Made some pumpkin cinnamon rolls with pumpkin pie spice cream cheese icing. Very good.
Then the other day I made some bat cookies for a party and some caramel apple cookies for another dinner.
These were a fun, relaxing project.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This isn't a cookie but...

I did just make Bacon Jam. I got the recipe from Cravings of a Lunatic. It is so good!!
I think it would be amazing on a burger.

Happy Baking,