Saturday, May 10, 2014

Boxer Puppy cookies

When I saw the boxer cookies posted on Sugerbelle's website, I just knew I had to recreate Bobbi's dogs in cookie form.
And since I was pretty sure they wouldn't get her a Mother's Day present I went ahead and made the cookies as a present from them. 
I was so pleased at how they came out! Thanks, Sugarbelle for the idea and how to. The tiny ones are from a tiny little onsie cutter that I have and decided to make "puppy confetti".
Actually very simple if you use a #1 tip. 

I think Bobbi was pleased with the present her dogs came up with. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sasquatch (Bigfoot) Sugar Cookies

I feel like we keep having occasions that demand a cookie or a cake. I know I'm not sad about that.
This week Bryan is excited about a new Survivorman 2 part series that focuses on Bigfoot. It starts tonight. We decided to get together with some friends to watch it. So of course I decided to create a Sasquatch cookie.
I started with deciding on a cookie cutter and chose a large pumpkin one and turned it on it's side. 
Cut off the stem and that resulted in this:
Next I wanted to have the teeth look real and then I remembered that I had this ice cube mold. I am not sure what made me buy it but I'm glad I did!
I just used a bit of gum paste pressed into the front of the mold about 1 and 1/2 inches across. Pulled it out and let it dry, then painted it with ivory gel paste coloring.
Just in case you don't know what gum paste is.
The result was this. Top and bottom teeth. The little things above them are supposed to be top lips but I ended up not using them. 
First I covered the whole cookie in a reddish brown color royal icing. Didn't need to be neat. You will see why.
They looked so creepy I almost gave up. But I am glad I didn't. I let them dry for a bit then added more flood icing in the eyebrow and nose areas.
Then I didn't think that was enough so I took a deep breath and used the piping icing to create deep brows, a nose and upper lip. Good so far...
But still SUPER creepy. OH a note about the eyes.
They are half rounds of gum paste and when they were dry I painted warm brown gel paste on them in a circle for the iris then used a food marker to make the pupil then added a couple white dots of icing for the highlight. I let the cookies dry a bit and worked on the green ones you see in that picture. Using a Wilton tip that I have had since says #233 on it, I piped "grass" onto the plain green iced cookies. 
Let it dry for a bit so I could make a footprint with the side of my hand. IF you remember childhood and using your hand to make a baby footprint on an icy window, that is what I did. Just into the partially dried icing. Here is the result. 
A faint Sasquatch footprint in the grass.
Now on to the main character. Wash the #233 and use reddish brown (I used mostly warm brown with a little terracotta) piping icing to make fur all over him.
I kept looking at these after I thought I was done and then got the piping bag out again and added more hair to the upper lip and the bridge of the nose. I am glad I did.
I also lightened up some of the brown and added highlights to the nose. If I do these again I think I would make 3-4 colors of brown all in one piping bag and maybe do the brows in a lighter color. 
Each one seems to have his own personality. 
And of course I had to put one with Bryan's book he has been reading.
"Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science" by Jeff Meldrum

I had to include a photo of each one because, as I said, they each have their own personality. They definately make me smile.

Happy Baking,