Monday, August 1, 2016

Airbrushed Northwoods Cookies

I knew that my sister would be coming through on her way to her cabin in Montana and I wanted to make her some cookies to keep in her freezer for when all her guests were up there visiting. I also wanted to use the cookie cutters that I had gotten at Bass Pro Shops! And I wanted to keep the process simple and use my airbrush which I have had for a couple years and have been afraid of. Haha 
So I just iced all the cookies and let them dry for 6 - 8 hours probably overnight. I do use a Stencil Genie (look it up, they help a ton. It's a great cookie product). Another part of airbrushing is having the item you are airbrushing at the right angle, flat on a table can be done but up at an angle is just so much better so...I use this
It happens to be an antique bed tray that has the ability to tilt up. I put parchment behind the cookie so I don't have too much overspray to clean up. Unfortunately this picture shows a cookie I was just painting straight gold but you can see that pink square with a stencil in it at the bottom of the picture and that is the stencil genie. Anyway that crown was for something else...Northwoods Cookies onward.
Rainbow trout - not done with the air brush but done with Wilton Color Mist colors because who wants to wash out the airbrush 7 times...the dots are just black coloring and a splatter stencil from Tim Holtz. After I took these I decided that the fish needed a black dot for an eye. I did add those but didn't take a different picture.
Most of these stencils are just random ones that I have never used for anything but I have them. So I just decided to make the designs on each cookie whatever I thought looked appealing. 
This moose might be my favorite simply because I love the fact that it looks like a comfy flannel shirt. And at the cabin no matter the month you need a comfy flannel shirt just in case...last year when we were there on July 28 it snowed. Yes, I am being truthful. The weather channel even asked me if they could use my picture that I posted on Instagram. 
The canoe was sprayed with red because I think red and turquoise are an awesome color combo but on the blue it turned brown and actually I like that too. Love this stencil.
This one just made me smile. Cabin in the woods...I used thicker red icing after the spray was dry to stencil that little saying onto the cabins.
The bear was originally beige, brown and just gold, as you can see from the picture of all the cookies below, but when I went to pack up the cookies for some reason the gold was still really tacky so I solved the problem by using gold sanding sugar and actually liked it a lot better. A bear in the woods.
Quite pleased with my venture into airbrushing. I have done it before but not to the extent of a whole set. I think I will edit this post when I get pictures from Jen with the cookies being eaten at the cabin. 😊

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