Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby S'mores

I have an obsession with making tiny things. Last year we had a tasting party at Christmas time and it was delightful to create all that tiny food. Well, today I was pantry shopping to see what I had in there and take inventory and, well, in typical Patti fashion I saw these three things and decided to try making tiny s'mores. I lined the baking sheet with parchment paper placed the tiny cracker squares on it, placed one chunk on each and put them under the broiler just to get the chocolate soft. Watch them, you don't want it melted! Take the sheet out of the oven and press a mini marshmallow onto each one and return to the oven. WATCH them!! they can brown super fast. As soon as they are browned and a bit puffy take them out and gently press a cracker on top. There you have it a mini s'mores snack! I think they would be great for a kids party or to top a cupcake.

Happy Baking,