Monday, May 30, 2011

Paisley -

It's Memorial Day and I don't have to work so I decided last night to mix up a batch of cookies,
and use my paisley cutter. I love it.
I got about 21 cookies out of the batch so I froze all but 5.
I iced them with a base color first and decorated one last night.
Today I did the other 4.

And my favorite.

All five together.
Honestly, they didn't take that long after I figured out what designs I wanted to use. 
Also, I was using up some pastels that I had used for Amiah's crayon cookies so the colors are more dull than I would use otherwise.
If I was going to do lots of them I would just do one simple, colorful design. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Ashley and I will have a shop/bakery/coffeehouse/hangout and perhaps we will call it "The Turquoise Table" or something like that...
and it will have things like this...
and perhaps we will sell thing like this...
 or these...
and there will be Jane Austen books on old bookshelves and kids can come in and decorate their own sugar cookie...while their mom knits a scarf or mittens...or reads a book...
It will be fun. 
You will like it if we do that. 
I know we would like it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...

Today I decided to see what would happen if I colored the dough. Remember the little fish cutter I made? Well, I got to thinking about Rainbow Fish and then just went crazy. I made a batch of dough and used 4 egg whites instead of 2 eggs, replaced the real vanilla with clear vanilla. All this to make a more white dough so the colors would be more true. I divided the dough into 6 even pieces and colored each piece with a different color. I rolled it out to about 1/4 inch and cut out 30 little fish from each color. Sprinkled them with matching sugar and baked at 350 for 10 minutes. 
I baked each color separately.
That copper fish cutter was just too big for what I wanted. 
So I made the smaller one. 
 Put my thumb in this picture to show how big the fish are.
 Ok, so what to do with the leftover colors...Tie dye T-shirts. I rolled each color into a long "snake", laid them next to each other, cut them in half, stacked the two halves, cut in half again, stacked again, then mashed it together and rolled it out to about 3/8 inch and make T-shirt cookie pops.
 Here are the fish in their jars. They make me smile.
I glazed the T-shirt pops and then added some 70's groove.

Things that make this fun...

 Key ingredient in the Royal Icing.
 These are Bakery Emulsions, they flavor much more strongly and the flavor doesn't bake out.
 These I haven't tried but it will happen. Stencils and air brushing...a whole new world.
Of course these little decorator bottles. Love them.
And this...just the colors all in order make me smile.

Last day of school cookies...

Today was Amiah's last day of first grade. Hard to believe. So earlier this week I made her these to take to her class an teachers. 

The little ones in the jar are just little chocolate apple shaped cookies for the teachers.

I have eggs...I have to bake!

And this is only with 4 of the 10 laying daily.
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Tyler's graduation

Ok, I think these are so funny! And I love them. I made these for Brenda so she could see how to make them for Tyler's graduation. Bryan wasn't sure the pastor's wife should be making cigar cookies. I only promised not to put them on my other blog, so...
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Jill's birthday

Just some little owls and flowers for Jill.
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Orange Poppyseed Cookies

I had seen a bandanna cookie and thought it would be fun, also Jayme had said that some frosting I made with Almond flavor reminded her of my Poppyseed bread, so I combined those two things I wanted to try. I made Orange Poppyseed Cookies and decorated them like bandannas.
P.S. I don't eat all these! I give them away to anyone who wants them.
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Which came first?

The cookie or the cutter? Well, in my case, the cookie. But when I saw, on another blog, how create my own cookie cutter designs I was thrilled! I have always wanted to do that but cheaply! So I saved a little dough from a batch of Orange Poppy seed Sugar Cookies I had made (pictures of those later) got a couple foil cookie sheets and started creating. Here is my very first one- a canning jar. Why? I don't know I just wanted that shape.
1. Cutter
2. The Ball Jar cookie after I decorated it.
3. Then I made a small Addison bowl, (again, don't ask why on these, I just did, ok?) a little hot sauce bottle and a tiny baby fish (blog coming up on what I did with him, need my computer back though)
4. PAISLEY! I have wanted a paisley cutter ever since I started this! So I made one. Haven't used it yet either.
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My reason for this-

I have recently become obsessed with making sugar cookies and felt that my followers on my other blogs might get weary of cookie posts so...I created a place to put them. Enjoy, just don'T EVER say you weren't warned.

Happy Baking,