Monday, July 27, 2015

Celebrating 60 Years

Put together a cake for mom and dad's 60th.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Minions, Minions, Minions

They are taking over my dining room! A friend of Bobbi's asked if I would make 40 cookies and a big cake for a Minion themed birthday party for her son. So of course I said yes. 
I used a rocket cutter for the Minions and just cut out the middle booster at the bottom. 
Also you probably see my hexagon shape in there! Oh that Crate & Barrel cutter!! 
I drew on where I wanted the overalls then filled in the yellow. 
Filled in the overalls after the yellow had set and also added arms. Not sure if you can see it in this picture but the top two on the right have the arms added.
Put on straps and buttons
At this point I got so into decorating that I forgot to take pictures of my steps... so on to the Evil Minions...for these i used the rocket with the middle booster cut out and then added part of a heart, flower and small hand to make the hair on them. Notice I forgot to cut out the middle booster on that bottom left cookie...awkward...I cut it out.
I put some mouths on and let them dry for awhile.
I added grey circles and black on the sides to look like their goggles then I filled the grey circles with white and made the eyes. Put another grey circle on top of the first one for dimension then painted them silver with lustre dust. I also made some of those hexagons into blocks to spell out the birthday boy's name in Minion colors, of course!
I also made google cookies with a glassed cutter that I have.

Three speech bubble cookies...

You get the idea...Minions...Evil Minions...and just when you thought it was over there was the cake.
I baked three 6" rounds, 4 cupcakes, and one 6' bowl to create this shape. Initally when I baked it I thought I would stack them up so it looked like he was sitting up but I had forgotten about arms! So desperation is mother of invention in cake making and I am actually very happy that I decided to lay him down. By trimming off a bit the back to lay him flat I ended up with the rounded bottom and two arms. The legs and feet are cupcakes. 
Made a pattern for his overalls. I don't work with fondant and why I decided to try it when I had no time to make a mistake is beyond me but I wanted the overalls to look real! 
So icing between all the layers then a crumb coat. A litttle thicker than your average crumb coat but ...
I thought it was necessary to cover all the joins. At this point I thought it looked like a fat cob of corn...
I put on a thicker coat of icing and then when it was slightly dryer I used the Viva towel method to get it smooth.
So roll out denim blue fondant which was made by mixing a dark blue, a light blue, white and a tiny bit of black. I rolled a tool along the seams to make it look stitched.
I also did it in three pieces because I wanted the pockets to look real. 
Now it looks like a Nebraska farmer cob of corn...
The hands are some cakeballs that I formed and dipped into black coating. I also used that coating on the cupcake halves that are the feet. Worked like a charm and I didn't have to try and cover the with fondant. 
I added straps and had made some buttons out of fondant the day before so I glued them on using corn syrup.
The hair was made by piping the leftover candy coating in one inch strips and then when they were hard I put them into the icing. Added a pocket to the overall front.
I made a fondant strap for the glasses then put corn syrup on it so the glasses and eyes would glue to it. I had made them the night before out of gumpaste and fondant.
Made the symbol for the pocket and Done...take a picture from all angles because you can't figure out what it needs...
OHHHH... the denim looked to one dimensional so I added white lustre dust to them and YES that was what it needed.
So, cake accomplished. Very pleased with all my Minions.

Crate & Barrel Find

While on tour I was in a Crate & Barrel in Denver, CO. I found this amazing biscuit cutter. Also great for cookies! 

Hobby Lobby Plates

I did not need more plates but these just called to me...Thanks a lot, Hobby Lobby!

Firecracker Cookies

My friend, Dena, asked me to make 80 cookies for her daughter's 17th birthday on July 2. We had a dress rehearsal for our choir that night and Erin had to be at it so we served them to the kids for supper. 
First I cut straight pieces out 1"x3", then I cut out a small burst and cut the straight piece with the burst cookie cutter and replaced the piece I cut out with the full one. I indented one end with a skewer for later. Outlined the burst on the firecracker with black, added yellow, orange, and red then pulled the needle tool through them to make it look like a burst. I put a little red icing on the little licorice pieces and "glued" them to the indent I made. Added red and white stripes then filled the other end with blue and made white dots. Some that I made were just unexploded fire crackers.
I also made her a little pillow cake with sugar veil lace.
In the midst of the crazyness of dress rehearsal and fixing food for 80 people I forgot to take a picture of all the cookies together. Oh well.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Father's Day Rootbeer Floats

I wanted to flavor the royal icing with rootbeer flavoring and then use vanilla flavor for the ice cream part of the float. I just wanted to see if they tasted like a float. 
Outline and fill the spoon in light grey.
Next I added the 3 colors of the rootbeer and then pulled a toothpick through them to make them look like they are mixing together. And put bubbles in the dark brown with the medium brown.
Then I added white for the glass. Let them dry a bit and added a thicker vanilla for the scoop of ice cream. 
I added some highlights and details then they were done.
They sort of tasted like a rootbeer float. Mostly just looked like one.

Monster Cookies...

I had fun drawing these up.
Monster Cookies for a 1 year old's birthday. A girl here in Lincoln saw a picture of some of my cookies and asked if I would make her some monsters for her son's birthday party. So these are what I came up with.
Present Monster:
I did premake my eyes several days before just so it was easier to get the look I wanted.
Balloon Monster:
Party Hat Monster:
Burst Monsters:
#1 Monsters:
I love it when a plan comes together! 

Jurassic World (Cake)

Jurassic World came out and I got my sugar veil mold and wanted to try it. So I made a T-Rex foot. Ashley used it at her Jurassic viewing party.

Happy Baking,