Friday, June 5, 2015

Edible Gold and a tiny wedding cake

Getting everything ready for the crumb coat. I went ahead and put color in the curmb coat so I wouldn't have to worry about getting white in my peach.
When they cut the cake there will be navy blue circles in the white cake. I really hope they take a picture of the cut piece of cake. But since it is their wedding I am thinking my photo needs won't be a priority. 
It really stacked so well that I didn't use any skewers in it to keep it straight.
Crumb coat done and off to the fridge.
Later in the afternoon I mixed up the top coat of the cake. I think that is a great match. 
Top coat done and then I let it sit and dry a bit then used a Viva paper towel (It has to be Viva) and a fondant smoother to smooth out the icing the best that I can. If the icing is too fresh it comes off on the towel, if it is too dry it won't smooth out. I took a deep breath and started putting the 23karat edible gold on. I definately am glad I got the one on transfer paper and not the loose sheets. I just cut them in half on the diagonal and then filled in and made sure that the top edge was torn and rough.
I am pleased with the end result. Tomorrow before the wedding I will put the flower and lace on right before the wedding.
Really happy with it so far.
Bryan drove me into town and when we got to the reception I put the finishing touches on the cake.
A gumpaste poppy and sugarveil lace with a sugarveil burlap bow. So excited about how it turned out

Jayme's friend, Jordan, took a photo for me after they cut it. I am so happy that the blue dots turned out. It was a fun cake to make. On to the next project. Monster cookies....

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Grapefruit Cake

My niece, Kyra, posted a picture of a grapefruit cake on Pinterest. I have always wondered why no one bakes with or uses grapefruit like other citrus. So when I saw the recipe I had to try it. It is from Pastry Affair blog. I did cupcakes. 
The cake is good, the icing is AMAZING!
I admit, I did not use olive oil like she did, I used coconut oil. Maybe that makes a difference. Also, maybe cupcakes as opposed to cake made a texture difference. Don't get me wrong, it's good, I just wonder about the moisture level. It is a tart cake and very tart icing so don't expect sweet.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Minnie Mouse Cake and treats

Baked two halves in a couple big cereal bowls. Added what I trimmed to the top to round it off. Crumb coated them both.
Used a large ruffle tip and red buttercream icing for the bottom.
On to the top.
Covered it with black buttercream icing then after about 30 minutes I used a viva paper towel to smooth it out. While it dried a bit I made a fondant trim and bow for around the middle. I used my very old Tupperware texture plates to put texture on the ribbon and bow.
Then I put it on the black part of the cake. And put that onto the red part and breathed a huge sigh of relief!
Added the bow.
Earlier in the week I had made cookie ears and a cookie bow so I added them.
Thought it was adorable but needed something so I cut out fondant letters and then it was just right. 
Here are all the treats at the party. 
And Poppy with her treats.
She loved them. 

Happy Baking,